Posted on April 11, 2019 Cagerory: Technology

How to Choose the Best VoIP System for your Business

The advantages of VoIP speak for themselves. It’s fast, riding over the internet and fiber cables at the speed of light. It’s reliable, rarely suffering disruptions of service due to infrastructure breaks or physical malfunctions. It’s customizable, offering countless features that allow a business to create a telephone platform that suits its needs. Finally, it’s relatively inexpensive, giving businesses good value that can be passed on to end customers in a virtuous business cycle.

Speaking of cycles, VoIP is at an inflection point in its cycle. It has passed the early adoption phase and is now rapidly expanding. Everyone committed to innovation and top quality service is purchasing VoIP services, and VoIP providers are constantly reinventing their product offerings to remain on par with competitors in the industry. This means that there is now a bevy of high-quality, affordable VoIP options to choose from.

Though this is a good thing, it begs the question: how is a business to choose the best VoIP system? There aren’t just multiple different providers, among them Verizon, Cox, and Comcast. There are innumerable considerations that must be weighed before a service is purchased and configured. Below are the most important points to think about before deciding which VoIP system to buy.