Why Us


Have you ever hired a company to provide a product or service and they delivered on time with the quality you expected? On the other hand, have you ever hired a company and they were late in delivering a product or service that wasn't up to the task?

We all hope that we'll be getting the first example. That's what we strive for at Communication Stream. We've been there. We understand the frustration of not getting what you need, getting it late, or both. We understand that time is money and every second of your time is precious. We won't waste your time or your dollars. We know that phone services and VoIP can be confusing topics for people who don't know much about the industry. We know you'll feel most comfortable hiring a business with the expertise, work ethic, commitment, and reliability to make certain your phone services get set up on time.

Simply put-we're the best at what we do. We have decades of experience working with phone services, and our technologies and processes are on the cutting edge of the VoIP revolution.

We guarantee three things: the VoIP service we set up for you will be fast, affordable, and reliable. When you purchase from Communication Stream, there won't be weeks of downtime before you're up and running. We'll be in constant contact and won't rest until you're on the phone with clients making money.

Our VoIP service is also affordable. You won't be breaking the bank with us. We'll set you up with service that's in the sweet spot between quality and value. This way you'll be able to get the highest bang for your buck.

Finally, we guarantee your VoIP service with us will be reliable. What does that mean, exactly? First, it won't break easily. Come hell or high water, your phones will be working. And if, by chance, something goes wrong, we won't rest until you're back up and running.

We've demonstrated these three guarantees through years of hard work and success. At Communication Stream we have streamlined a process and methodology that's been proven to work. We'll take this methodology and apply it to your unique situation. We'll take into consideration everything about your business and optimize a solution just for you.

This optimized solution will allow you to maximize the time and energy of your employees, which in turn will maximize your revenue and profits. Because that's what this is all about: your success. Your success is our success.